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29 Clients – More than $2M Recovered – One Month

Warnken, LLC secured $2,057,339.94 for 29 clients whose cases concluded either permanently or for now in August 2019.  Four clients obtained six-figure recoveries.  These cases represented workers’ compensation, car accidents, and other personal injury matters.  We represent more than 900 clients, but each team of attorneys and paralegals pride themselves on knowing their clients’ lives.  The reviews and the results speak for themselves.  Some case details below.  Other month results can be seen here.  We post the results every month.

Just because we had success in one case never automatically means success in another case.  We cannot promise you a specific result.  We promise our best efforts.  We promise that we fight so you can heal.


Injury:              Disk protrusion at L4-5 and L5-S1

Body Part:        Back

Amount:           $10,440.00

Employer:         Upper Chesapeake Hospital

Location:          Bel Air, MD

Claimant was injured after lifting heavy objects at work. Claimant was treated with therapy and injections. Claimant was released to return to work without restrictions.


Injury:              Cervical disc bulge

Body Part:        Neck

Amount:           $15,000 (total PPD over claim $30,769) plus MCP of $12,977.31

Employer:         Sherwin Williams

Claimant was injured after lifting a heavy object at work. Claimant was treated with medications and injections.


Injury:              Full Thickness Tear of the ACL

Body Part:        Knee

Amount:           $2,512.50 (total award of PPD 27,637.50)

Employer:         Pepsi Bottling Group

Claimant reopened the claim for worsening of condition. Claimant had additional physical therapy and continued to work.


Injury:              Wrist sprain, meniscal tear with ultimate total knee replacement

Body Part:        Wrist and knee

Amount:           $35,586.25

Employer:         Johns Hopkins workers’ compensation injury.

Claimant slipped and fell at work causing injury. Claimant had surgery on the knee and then a total knee replacement. Claimant received conservative treatment for the wrist injury.


Injury:              Aortic Dissection and hypertension

Body Part:        Heart

Amount:           $26,325.00

Due to career as police officer, Claimant developed hypertension and had an aortic dissection occur that requires lifetime medications.


Injury:              Wrist sprain with de Quervaine’s tenosynovitis and knee sprain

Body Part:        Left wrist and right knee

Amount:           $11,880.00

Employer:         Prince George’s County Public Schools

Claimant tripped and fell at work causing injury. Claimant was treated with therapy and an injection to the wrist. Claimant was able to return to pre-injury employment.


Injury:              Blindness, psych, and damage to the hand and face

Body Parts:       Eyes, hand, face

Amount:           Permanent Total Disability (Actuarial Present Value = $658,687.45)

Employer:         State of Maryland

Claimant was involved in an explosion that rendered the claimant blind. Claimant sustained other catastrophic injuries. Claimant is permanently totally disabled as a result.


Injury:              Right hip intertrochanteric fracture and lumbar strain

Body Parts:       Back and hip

Amount:           $50,000.00

Employer:         Forest Hill Construction

Claimant tripped and fell at work fracturing the hip. Claimant had surgery to repair the fracture. The surgery to the hip caused one leg to be shorter than the other, causing back pain. Claimant was treated conservatively for the back.


Injury:              Medial meniscus tear

Body Part:        Knee

Amount:           Slightly in excess of $20,000

Employer:         Confidential

Claimant was injured on the job


Injury:              Right distal radius intra-articular fracture with nerve injury

Body Part:        Right wrist

Amount:           $1,715.00 (total PPD paid $27,440)

Employer:         Reliance Steele and Aluminum

Claimant was injured after falling at work. Claimant had surgery on the hand. Claimant reopened the claim for additional treatment. Claimant had additional testing and medications.


Body Part:        Knee

Amount:           $38,596.00

Location:          Frederick County

Client is a law enforcement officer who sustained a knee injury when he fell down a set of stairs while chasing a fleeing suspect.  He underwent surgery to repair a torn medical meniscus.  After post-surgical medical care, Client returned to work for the same department in the same position.   Settlement was reached with the Employer/Insurer for both PPD and future medical care.



Body Part:        Back

Amount:           $10,000.00

Location:          Baltimore County

Employer:         Maryland Masonic Homes

Claimant sustained a back injury while moving a heavy patient.  Claimant worked as a CNA/GNA for a nursing facility.  Conservative care with no surgical indications.  Client stopped medical care when she became pregnant and then moved out of state.



Injury                April 12, 2018

Body Part:        Neck and Back

Amount:           $8,000.00- Mom; $5,200.00-Grandma; Minor- $2,300.00

Location:          Baltimore County

Clients were the driver and two passengers (grandmother, mother and child) involved in a motor vehicle collision.  The at-fault party was uninsured, so a claim was made against the driver’s uninsured motorist policy.  All underwent conservative care.  Mom and grandmother for approximately 2.5 months.  Child for 2 weeks.  Claims were settled pre-suit.


Injury                Ankle and Shoulder Injuries

Amount:           $34,500.00

Location:          Kent County

Employer:         Eastern Shore Contractor

Claimant was working as a carpenter when he fell from a ladder.  Multiple physical injuries to his neck, back, right shoulder, hips, and left ankle.  He also sustained psychological trauma.  He fractured his left ankle.  No surgeries were recommended, but Claimant did received a right shoulder steroid injection.  Claimant was referred and underwent treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.  The treatment focused on his post-traumatic fear of climbing ladders.  After a period of medical care and lost time from work, Claimant returned to work.  Initially Claimant returned to work for the same employer, but eventually opened his own company.



Body Part:        Eye

Amount:           $66,005.00 and $10,000.00 SIF

Location:          Frederick County

Employer:         Large Car Dealership

Client worked as a shop supervisor/mechanic at a large regional auto dealership.  While working, he was struck in the eye with high-pressure oil and gas, sustaining injury to his left eye.  Claimant underwent four eye surgeries and  lost a significant amount of vision in his eye that will require lifetime medical care.  He returned to his pre-injury job for a period of time, but was eventually forced to retire due to safety reasons related to his loss of vision.  Instead of undergoing vocational services, Client and his wife retired and moved to West Virginia.  Claimant also had pre-existing disabilities and the Subsequent Injury Fund was added to his claim.  After a hearing, the Claimant was found to have sustained an 86% loss of his eye.  He also reached a settlement with the SIF.



Bodily Injury:    Right Shoulder and Right Arm

Amount:           $41,750.00, Employer/Insurer and $20,000.00 SIF

Location:          Baltimore County

Client sustained injury to his right shoulder and right arm when he slipped and fell on mud while carrying heavy supplies at a construction job.  Exam revealed a “Popeye sign” to the right biceps and surgery was recommended.  Due to delay, the surgery was never completed and the treating physician determine that the surgery would no longer provide the needed relief.  While undergoing vocational services, the Claimant sustained an unrelated serious medical condition that precluded his ability to return to work.  During his claim the Subsequent Injury Fund was implead.  As a result of his unrelated medical condition, the Claimant elected to settle his claim with both the Employer/Insurer and the SIF for indemnity only.



Body Part:        Neck Injury – Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition

Amount:           $33,500.00

Location:          Baltimore City

Client worked as a driver and laborer for a hotel.  While throwing garbage into the dumpster, the Claimant aggravated his prior neck injury.  Claimant had previously undergone a neck fusion surgery.  He returned to his neck surgeon, who indicated that the Claimant had indeed aggravated his pre-existing condition, but did not recommend another surgery.  After conservative care, the claimant was not able to return to his pre-injury position and vocational rehabilitation was begun.  During vocational services, the parties agreed to resolve the claim for both indemnity and medical payments.  Claimant ultimately decided to retire as his was 78 years old.



Injury:               L5-S1 Disc Herniation

Body Part:         Back

Amount:           $103,778.43

Location:          Middletown, MD

Claimant was working as a truck driver and slipped and fell while trying to fix a dumpster load.  An MRI revealed a herniation at L5-S1.  After initially trying injections and therapy, Claimant eventually underwent a one level fusion surgery, which was then followed by additional therapy and injections.


Injury:               Rotator Cuff Tear of Shoulder, Cervical Cord Compression

Body Part:         Shoulder, Neck

Amount:           $115,530.00

Location:          Baltimore, MD

Employer:         State of Maryland

Claimant was lifting a heavy food pan and sustained injuries to the neck and shoulder.  An MRI of the neck revealed cervical spine compression, while the shoulder MRI showed a partially torn rotator cuff.  These injuries required three surgeries; one for the shoulder and two for the neck.


Injury:               Rotator Cuff Tear of Shoulder

Body Part:         Shoulder

Amount:           $99,000.00

Location:          Baltimore, MD

Claimant fell down a hill while working as a drill foreman and sustain a torn rotator cuff.  This injury required surgery followed by extensive therapy, but the Claimant was eventually able to return to work.



Injury:               Wrist Sprain

Body Part:         Hand/Wrist

Amount:           $1,260.00 (total PPD paid $2,520.00)

Location:          Montgomery County, MD

Employer:         Montgomery County Government

Claimant was injured after pulling the strap to a school bus wheelchair ramp.  Diagnostic testing was unremarkable and the Claimant underwent physical therapy.


Injury:               Lumbar disc herniation

Body Part:         Back

Amount:           $336,661.00

Location:          Bethesda, MD

Claimant was injured after loading wooden boards onto a vehicle at work.  Claimant was treated with medication, physical therapy, and injections.  Due to the severity of the injury, Claimant developed bladder issues and was referred for back surgery.


Injury:               Lumbar burst fracture, concussion, shoulder strain

Body Part:         Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back

Amount:           $73,745.00

Claimant fell off a roof and sustained a lumbar burst fracture.  Claimant had surgery for the back injury and subsequently developed headaches and shoulder pain.  Claimant had injections for the headaches and therapy for the shoulder strain.



Injury:               Lacerated spleen, Fracture of the Shoulder

Body Part:         Shoulder, Spleen

Amount:           $83,000.00

Location:          Owings Mills, MD

Employer:         Injured at Country Club Employer

Claimant was injured after being hit with a falling tree branch at work.  Claimant required surgery to remove the lacerated spleen, while the shoulder fracture was treated conservatively with rest and therapy.


Injury:               Rotator Cuff Tear

Body Part:        Shoulder

Amount:           $110,571.00

Employer:         A Sanitation Company

Claimant was injured after being rear-ended while driving a septic truck for work.  Claimant required surgery in the form of a reverse total shoulder replacement, which was followed by physical therapy.


Injury:               Right thumb nail injury w/partial removal

Body Part:         Thumb

Amount:           $6,000

Claimant suffered an injury to the thumb after clipping it on a metal container.  Claimant underwent surgery to remove the nail and repair the thumb.  Claimant also underwent physical therapy after the nail reconstruction, and was ultimately released to full-duty.


Injury:               Trip and Fall Injury

Body Part:         Right knee, Neck/Back

Amount:           $11,000 plus med-pay

Plaintiff was entering a restaurant and tripped over floor mats that were placed against the door, which were not able to be detected prior to entering.  Plaintiff received physical therapy for her knee and neck/back, and was able to make a full recover.