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Dog Bite Cases Can Result in Substantial Compensation

Many people think that dog bite injuries are not serious.  Many people think of a little dog nipping at their ankles, maybe producing a small skin break if they’re really able to get a hold of a leg.  You might think of it as a pain in the ass (or pain in the ankle), but not too much more than that.  I admit, before Warnken, LLC started handling personal injury dog bite cases, I didn’t realize how substantial dog bite injuries could be.

The check below is a recovery we just obtained for a client bitten by a dog.  This was a serious, life-changing injury as you can tell from the serious, life-changing money.  In fact, just like every case we have, we wish we could have obtained more.  (As I’ve often said, there’s not a single personal injury case we handle where I didn’t want to get more … and not a single case where I think we could have gotten more.)

Dog bite cases can produce CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) or RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).  When they do, they can make a bad situation so, so much worse.  Dog bites also produce substantial scarring.

Check Image for Recovery in a Dog Bite Case