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Workers’ Compensation Case Worth Nearly One Million Dollars!

Work Injury Third-Party Case Settlement Check

Don’t let your workers’ compensation lawyer short-change your case!  If there’s an at-fault party, you should pursue that angle as well.

In this case, the Plaintiff was injured during the course of employment when he fell at a commercial property.  The Plaintiff, while working, was moving through a shared hallway with an adjacent restaurant business.  The restaurant had a grease trap that would clog and back up onto the floor and into the shared hallway between the two businesses at the commercial property.   The Plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries which resulted in extended treatment including surgery, therapy, medications, and multiple years out of work.  A third-party liability claim was made against the negligent restaurant and was settled for $725,000, pictured above.  Additionally, because the Plaintiff was working at the time of the injury, a workers’ compensation claim was also filed, which settled for an additional $188,650. (not pictured)  As such, the combined settlement from this incident totaled $913,650.