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Our Workers’ Compensation Practice

Warnken, LLC has had an online workers’ compensation calculator for approximately two years.  Along with public safety workers’ comp, the calculator is a reason workers’ compensation is our fastest growing practice area.

Our public safety workers’ comp practice comes largely from the fact that we represent the 2600 members of the Maryland Troopers Association.  In addition, the word has been getting around other agencies in the Maryland law enforcement community, about both our law enforcement discipline and LEOBOR practice, as well as our comp practice.  We’ve been representing cops for more than 20 years and we’ve represented cops in more than 35 different agencies.

Our workers’ compensation calculator was conceived of by two Warnken, LLC attorneys, including Rebecca Smith.  The calculator uses formulas derived from workers’ comp law in Maryland.  Comp is partially formulaic.  It is both art and science.  There is certainly room for good lawyering in comp.  Just a few years into her practice, Rebecca Smith has become a very good comp lawyer.

We tell web visitors that the calculator is meant only as a loose guide.  It’s not meant to be perfect in all scenarios.  Results can vary widely, and, depending upon the factual input, can be completely inaccurate.  However, we find it to be a useful tool when the inputs are correct  We run clients through it internally to get a vague idea.

My son has a company, 27Legal, LLC, doing legal publishing and legal marketing.  He put out a book called the “Comp Pinkbook.”  It measures workers’ comp awards achieved during 2011 and the first half of 2012.  It then ranks all workers’ comp lawyers.  Our former comp lawyer is on the list.  Rebecca is not on the list because her practice was too new during that period of time.  If the pace of Rebecca’s practice continues, assuming nothing else changed (which of course it would), Rebecca will be a top twenty comp lawyer in Maryland (unbelievably, possibly even top ten) by 2015.  It’s an exciting time for Rebecca and Warnken, LLC.

The website is  You can get to the calculator here.  If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it.