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RE: Trampoline Parks are Dangerous

From: Byron Warnken <>
Date: Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 11:51 AM
Subject: Trampoline Parks are Dangerous



Thanks for reaching out.  I’m sorry about your [child].  In our experience, what you describe about disorganization and lack of safety is a theme of trampoline parks.  They are dangerous.
I’m glad for you that your [child] was not more injured.  It could have been much worse … we’ve seen much worse.
Your [child]’s injuries do not represent a case we could ever take, because the company’s [sic] fight us on every claim.  They are more interested in profits than safety or justice.  This makes litigation expensive, and generally only worth it if there are permanent injuries.
In Maryland, you only have three years to assert a full claim against a trampoline park.  You child may have longer, but you should treat the statute of limitations as three years, as the medical bills  cannot be claimed post three years.
I’m glad your [child] wasn’t more injured.  I wish you the best.

Byron B. Warnken, Esq.
Managing Attorney
The above is an unfortunate reality of cases against trampoline parks.  The waivers that are signed – in some places – make cases against trampoline parks tough.  That said: 1.) the waiver isn’t always valid; 2.) there are almost always arguments against the waiver; 3.) cases with broken bones, torn ligaments, or other permanent injury should be explored with a trampoline park injury lawyer even if there was a waiver signed.